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Fire Assessment

Fire Risk Assessment

On the 1st October 2006 the Regulatory reform (Fire & Safety) order, came into force. All previous fire legislation was repealed including the Fire Precautions Act 1971 and Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regulations 1997/99.

Current fire safety legislation is based on risk assessment, the onus of responsibility for fire protection and legal ‘duty of care’ lies with the Employer / Owner / Occupier.

It is important to understand that fire risk assessment is not the same as a fire certificate. Every employer, owner , occupier must by law;

  • assess the fire risk in their workplace
  • check that fires can be detected and people can be warned in enough time to leave the building safely
  • check that there is a safe means for leaving the building
  • provide and maintain fire fighting equipment
  • instruct and train their employees on what to do in event of a fire

Fire costs in the UK are running at a conservative £7.5 Billion a year, therefore taking a risk with Fire Protection can have significant financial, environmental and life threatening results.

A fire risk assessment helps you identify all the fire hazards and risks in your workplace.

You can then decide whether they are acceptable or whether you need to do something to reduce or control them.

Who should do the risk assessment? Someone who has had sufficient training or has good experience or knowledge of fire safety.

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